Chicken Little

From master cartoonist Charles Peattie and Oscar-winning film producer BreakThru Films comes the beloved tale of Chicken Little.

Shot using the “Live Drawing” technique, you can see the tale as it takes shape before your very eyes under the skillful hand of Peattie. Peattie’s previous apps have been awarded 5***** and Editor’s Choice by MacWorld, and this one is sure to please as well.

Specially designed for the retina screens of iPhone 5 and iPad 3, and shot in 4K resolution.

A great new feature is that you can now record your own version with you as the narrator. A great way for children to practice reading, and for children to hear their parents reading to them when they’re not there, or… for parents to hear their kids reading their favorite tales when they’re away from the kids.

Be sure to check out our other Apps. Just type tapisodes in the search bar to find more storytelling apps, and some combining learning and fun like Animal Alphabet or the whacky Mix ‘n’ Match, where you create new animals with just a… Tap!


About us

Tapisodes came out of conversations between master cartoonist Charles Peattie, Oscar winning animation producer Hugh Welchman of BreakThru Films, and Simon Olswang, one of the UK's most experienced and distinguished media lawyers. They all felt that there should be better looking content on smart phones for themselves, for their children and for their grandchildren.
Combining the accessible and endearing cartoon style of Charles Peattie, with some animation know how from BreakThru Films Tapisodes has endeavoured to devise a simple and effective form of entertainment.

Presently we have only applied this to classic children's titles or to our own work, but we look forward to applying it to stories for other age groups, and to other people's stories too.

So if you have a story that you think could benefit from our tap through approach, accessible design and animation know how, then drop us a line.
Animals Alphabet

5 stars and Editors choice -- Macworld!

Are you teaching a youngster to read, or helping your child to learn the alphabet? Or are you an adult that likes cartoons and didn't get around to learning the alphabet? Well, there's and app for that. Charles Peattie's Animal Alphabet features 26 gorgeous interactive animations complete with sound effects. There's one for each letter of the alphabet, to make teaching the alphabet to children fun. Just tap your way from one letter and animation to the next. There are three play options, each designed to engage children and encourage learning in different ways:

Just tap your way through the alphabet cartoons from A to Z.

Children can jump straight to their favourite animation.

The quiz master will test children on their knowledge of the alphabet by asking them to find the animal beginning with the corresponding letter.

**Please note that the first generation iPod Touch does not have built-in speakers. To hear the audio, users will need to plug headphones in the headphone jack


Alex - Comic Strip

Work in progress.
Old Woman (Polish version only) - English version is coming!

What would happen to an Old Woman if she swallowed a fly? Or a cow for that matter? And she swallowed them whole?

Charles Peattie draws up more irreverent and fun mayhem in this tap-thru animation, where you can have us sing to you ( be warned - singing is not our thing); or record yourself singing along; or just treat it as a giggle-inducing animated book of an old lady who goes to ever more extreme measures to rid herself of that tickle in her throat.

And given the advance of modern medicine we felt it only right that we add on a twist at the end.


Peter and the Wolf

Tapisodes have adapted Breakthru Films' Oscar winning film of "Peter & the Wolf" directed by Suzie Templeton, into a beautiful storybook, featuring amazing animation from the film.

A gripping and uplifting story of a boy and his animal friends. Their day in the forest is interrupted by an encounter, which brings Peter face to face with the wolf.



Ever wondered what happens when you cross a Pig with a Chicken? Or what noise a Huck (half horse, half duck) makes?

Well nows your chance to find out for yourself with:

Charles Peattie's 'Mix n Match - Farm Animals'


Grumpy farm

Well if you thought someone was going to throw you out of your house you'd be grumpy too!

Rumour has it that there is a new animal coming to Grumpy Farm, and the animals are worried that the new animal is going to move into their homes, leaving them homeless. So they think of which other animal they can kick out if this happens!

The delightful story of a farm full of rather grumpy animals is drawn live before your eyes by master cartoonist Charles Peattie (creator of the cartoon strips 'Alex' and 'Celeb', as well as the i-Tune apps Charles Peattie's Animal ABC, and Charles Peattie's Mix n Match - Farm Animals) and cheerfully voiced by British comedienne Morwenna Banks (Peppa the Pig, Saxondale, Ruddy Hell it's Harry and Paul, Saturday Night Live).

A charming treat, perfect for children up to 7, Peattie's skill as a draftsman makes this enjoyable and fascinating to all. The story can be told to you, or you can choose to read it yourself.



Work in progress.
3 Little Pigs

See The Three Little Pigs story be created in front of your eyes by master cartoonist Charles Peattie. The whole film was shot and recorded in one day in a derelict building in the Gdynia shipyard in Northern Poland. Peattie's previous Apps have been awarded 5 ****** and Editor's Choice by MacWorld, and we think this is the most fun one yet.

Specially designed for the retina screens of i-Phone 5 and i-pad 3, and shot at 4K resolution, you can see every detail of how Charles drew the story under the camera…you can see it just as it happened.

Great new feature is that now you can record your own version, with you as the narrator. Great for children to practise reading, and great for children to be able to hear their parents read to them when they are not there, or… and we think this might be even more popular, parents listening to their kids reading it when they are away from their kids.

And in updates we are going to add the functionality of being able to share your versions with other people. We want to find out if anyone can record a version more popular than Charles's deep and deeply relaxing gravelly voice. The producer is already looking forward to recording the version voiced by his cat.

Let us know what you think of the App, send us ideas for updates through the facebook and twitter.